Family Triangles And The Multigenerational Transmission Process

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The best theory that was able to help me assess this family was the Family System Theory. The reason why I chose this theory was because it contains different concepts that goes over some of the issues that my clients are having as a family. Two of these concept are the family triangle and the multigenerational transmission process. In this case, both of these concepts go hand in hand with each other. The family triangle talks about there being a triangle of communication in a family. A lot of the time the triangle exist between the parents and their child. This can become a positive thing or it can affect the child in different ways. This relates to my client Oliver because Oliver's parents rely on him to find out information about each other. For example, they both ask him questions about the things that go on in each others household instead of talking to one another about it. The parents also talk to Oliver about each other in a negative way and Oliver is forced to tell each other what the other person said. Usually Oliver's mother is the main person speaking bad about Luke and this changes the relationship Oliver has with his dad because he believes his mother is being the most rational. This ties into the multigenerational transmission process because in the article “Separations: a personal account of bowen family system theory” by Martina Palombi (2016) she stated that “the mother-child relationship is an influential factor in the development of the child’s self but

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