The Importance Of The Fourth Industrial Revolution

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One of the greatest achievement of the previous centuries is the Industrial Revolution. People went from manual labor to using machines in order to improve productivity and eliminate hard labor. It started as simple as the use of water and steam and went all way to the electrical power usage. The latest accomplishments are the development of electronics and technology. Nowadays, it is believed to be the continuous extension of the Third Industrial Revolution - the beginning of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In the article "The Fourth Industrial Revolution: what it means, how to respond" Klaus Schwab gave comprehensive and indisputable reasons confirming the beginning of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In addition, he evaluates not only the impact it will have on different spheres of our life but, more importantly, how it will affect and change our humanity. In any case, with all its downsides, Industrial Revolutions improved all aspects of human life and we should not think this time it will be different. All Industrial Revolutions took place around 200 years ago but having vast and complicated effects now. They dramatically improved our lifestyle at the same time diminishing our value and morals and completely changing peoples' attitude toward nature. They were focused on economic growth which led to environmental destruction. I argue that one of the most important priorities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution ought to be strict environmental standards. A lot
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