The Importance Of The Iphone Dispute

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I am here to discuss a recent issue that you might know. The San Bernardino shooting and iphone dispute. On December 2nd of 2015, a terrorist group attacked the inland regional center in San Bernardino California, killing 14 and injuring 22. An iphone was left behind by one of the terrorists, which the FBI found and asked Apple to find the iphone’s encryption code and unlock it. I think that this is unconstitutional and that privacy should be protected at all costs.

The FBI recently unlocked a second iphone that belonged to a drug dealer in New York. Now, the FBI is requesting to break into hundreds of more iphones. The FBI is now realizing that they can break into any iphone they want, which is worrying the people who own apple products such as myself. This image pretty much represents this …show more content…

First the FBI wants to search one phone and seize it’s private information, then they realize that they can get a bunch of information by seizing a lot of other people’s privacy, and they keep requesting to search new phones, which now it has become a big issue with the hackers and the encryption codes that are ready to be stolen. You would be surprised what hackers can do. There have been a lot of different hacks that have revealed a lot of people’s privacy such as the bart attack, the project chanology attack, donald trump’s website hack, the federal attack hack, the cybergate hack, the dark discovery hack, and many more. If hackers can hack things like these, it won’t be too hard for them to steal encryption codes and IP addresses. The FBI should be more aware of the risk that they are taking in unlocking all these new phones, and they should know that iphone privacy is not completely protected. But, it should be right? This is outrageous. Do you want your privacy to be protected? As you know it is not right now, and it will gradually get worse if the FBI continues with their

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