The Importance Of The Learning Resource And Identify Areas For Improvement

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After implementation of the inclusive activity, I intend to critically evaluate the effectiveness of the learning resource and identify areas for improvement. The activity went really well as both parents and children showed engagement and mutual enjoyment. I have observed high levels of reciprocity between parents and children who were in tune with each other, maintaining eye contact, exchanging facial expressions and being responsive to each other (Brazelton et at, 1974). By sharing emotions and responses, children learn the importance of social relationships and develop sensitivity to the needs of others as well as strengthening their bond and attachment with the parent (Bowlby, 1969) When planning for the activity I have taken under …show more content…

Although children had the same experience, each child was interested in different aspect of singing e.g. one child was focused on repeating the words another on the actions. Younger children (16-26 months) showed high levels of fascination and energy, showing curiosity about the puppets and Makaton signs used (visual learners, puppets SEN children). During the activity, children developed their fine and gross motor skills, rocking and bouncing along with the rhyme, involving their fingers, clapping, holding puppets. Older children (22-36 months) copied actions and joined in with singing, maintaining focus and concentration of what is being asked. I supported and challenged children’s thinking by asking them open-ended questions and ‘scaffolding’ children’s language (Vygotsky, 1978). I was struck by cognitive abilities of older children who were able to match animals. Adult-child interaction supported child’s ‘sustained shared thinking’ and extended children’s learning during the activity. Following the activity, positive feedback from parents was received, Parent made comments about the quality of workshops as well as the usefulness of the songbook. One of the parent made a very powerful statement on how workshops, activities as well as group discussion increased her knowledge and understanding of her child’s learning. She was previously trying to

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