The Importance Of The Lottery In Hutchown

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In a lottery most people are willing to do anything to win, However in one unique town the lottery works a little different. Last week on June, 27th the villagers of Deathstown, Virginia gathered in the time square to hold their annual lottery. The lottery in DeathsTown is very unique to the town because the winner gets stoned to death with rocks. In the lottery the head of each family usually the dad, goes and pulls a piece of paper out of a black box. Then whoever draws the piece of paper on it with a black dot must make their whole family draw from the box. Then each member of the family draws a piece of paper out of the black box and whichever family member draws the piece of paper with the black dot gets killed. Some people might think this harsh but Old Man Warner, a villager of the town said,”The lottery is a necessity and we must keep it to stay civilized.” …show more content…

Everyone in the town including children gathered in the town square waiting quietly for the lottery to begin. After being late, Tesse Hutchison showed up to the square. Then Mr. Summers the man in charge of the lottery, told the men in charge of their to house to come up and pull out of the black box. when everyone had their turn Mr summers told them to look at their paper. Ironically, Tesse’s Husband , Bill Hutchison pulled the piece of paper with the black dot on it forcing there whole family to draw from the black box. So the Hutchison family members took turns going up and drawing out of the black box. Then Mr summers told them to look at their the piece of paper. Bill looked at his paper and their was no black dot. Next, their son looked at his and there was no black dot. Then everyone knew that Tesse had won the lottery. She is the one that was to be killed. Everyone picked up the stones that they had gathered earlier. “It’s not fair it’s not fair,” shrieked Tesse. Then the stones came and they didn't stop until she was on the ground

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