The Importance Of The Printing Press

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Since the time human beings walked upon the earth, people have fashioned numerous inventions from the wheel to the light bulb. All of which have impacted history and human everyday life. Electricity, cars, airplanes, scientific knowledge, and more, this would not have been available in the present world today, if Gutenberg had not invented the mighty printing press. Originated from a humble wine press combined with an old coin press, the printing press is a powerful and significant invention, which changed our way of life. The printing press reshaped the world into the planet we live today for three distinct and direct reasons. The printing press initiated that knowledge and books became available everyone, which led to Reformation and the Renaissance. Also, it affected our education.

Notably, the printing press led to an efficient, cheap, and widely spread knowledge to circulate the world. Before the printing press, the elite and wealthy controlled knowledge, because only they could afford books. Additionally, the Roman Catholic Church had to bestow their consent to people who wanted to publish their ideas. Nevertheless, even then, a miniature army of monks or scribes would take the ideas, and then tirelessly copy them into a book, by the candlelight. However, most of them were written in Latin, which only a few selected people could read. There also is a large possibility that we wouldn't be here in America. For, if many would-be conquistadors had not read the journals

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