The Importance Of Traditions

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I did not” Several papers slid off the edge of the desk and muffled, vicious swearing answered their escape attempt. Her blonde intern stared at the desk, one eyebrow raised as the desk shuddered abruptly and emitted a quiet exclamation of pain. “Well” she began “I do agree with you about the human resiliency thing, and I agree with you about it showing how traditions can be so easily used and taken advantage of” another thud came from beneath the desk “…You ok down there?” “Fine” “…Right, ok, but I think the movie says a lot more about how displaced some traditions are in the face of modernization, and how much power they have over the people that practice them” she rubbed a hand over the side of her face “of course, that is kind of …show more content…

I’m keeping it. What’s next?”
“The next one is Lust, Caution and holy crow, no way” the intern exclaimed “It’s got way too much sex in it.” Anchee’s eyes widened at her intern as other woman started babbling “And the movie sort of drags along a bit in the first part while they are establishing the background and the audience is anxiously dreading the sex. I mean, it’s a great story, the acting is fabulous, the attention to the on-set detail is beyond words, and it’s a complex story that encourages a watcher to think deeply about how war is made up of so many battles a person will never see.” She took a deep breath “Make no mistake, I think the film is fascinating and I love all of the hidden meanings and implications buried in the film, and how it poses the problem of the main character falling in love even while being fully aware that love will be her absolute downfall. The patriotic implications there are crazy. But! I don’t think I would personally assign it in a classroom setting due to its extremely graphic content” Anchee stared, a smile creeping over her face. “Prude” she teased, grinning. The intern flicked a paper ball at her. “Call it what you want, I’m just not into that. As good a story as it is, the sex parts ruin it for me.” “Alright, perhaps we’ll just table that for now. What about Whale Rider? I think that movie is on the list.” “No!” the intern threw her hands

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