Thanksgiving Research Paper

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We all have family traditions, some of which we take pride in, some of which we dread and despise but, whether you know it or not they are what make us who we are. One of my favorite traditions that I can truly say I’m passionate for would have to be Thanksgiving dinner. The dinner for the holiday goes by in a blink of an eye because of all the enjoyment. However, the preparations that lead up to the day are long and prestigious even though they are what make the dinner so great. Since the holiday comes up before we know it, we get started as soon as the year hits mid fall.

The first thing my family and I think about is who we are going to invite. We consider if thanksgiving this year will be a simple close family get together or loud aunts and uncles kind of gathering. We acknowledge what we did last year and choose the opposite to switch it up. The messages and emails are sent as soon as the invite list has been created. Replies from our family must be given as soon as possible only to make the preparations a little easier even though, we all know it will be hard anyway. Once we get all our responses in we can now move on to our next step.

Decorations are not that important for any family who celebrates thanksgiving but, in our family it is one of the main tasks. If my mom makes a scene if we wearing something that resembles even the slightest bit of a hobo. You know she will make a scene if the table is not at it’s best. We spend hours upon hours in the home decor stores, slowly making our way to stores like Hallmark for the small details. “The little things count” is a phrase we hear over and over again. So, “The little things count” is what we remind ourselves over and over again. Even a sprinkle or confetti or a small flower arrangement can make a huge difference.

Days pass until it is a about a day before thanksgiving. It is time to gather the food. We get what we get every year, the traditional mashed potatoes and turkey meal. We head to the grocery store as soon as we have generated a list. My mom leads the way, pushing the cart in front of my siblings and I through each aisle telling us what to get, as she stares into the list as if it is her mission to get everything on that list.

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