The Importance Of Travel Immunizations

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Going on a vacation is usually a wonderful experience and is a memory that is cherished and never forgotten, especially if it’s to a place where your roots come from, but there are times when things don’t go to plan, and you end up disliking the trip. A bad experience, more often than not, will influence your future decisions on whether or not it’s a good idea to attempt another trip to the same destination. Recently, India has become a semi-popular tourist destination for Europeans and Americans to visit because they think it’s a relatively safe and beautiful third-world country to travel to. I never understood why when my friends would always express their jealousy when they found out I’ve been to India a total of three times in my life. At the time I just assumed they hadn’t seen the world as I had at a young age, but even though I was young, at the age of eight, during my last trip to India. That specific trip was the deciding factor for me to conclude that I no longer want to visit there ever again, even if someone were to pay me or for my entire trip. Since India is obviously a foreign country, there is no surprise that it possesses bacteria and viruses that are uncommon in the United States, so it is essential to get travel immunizations. Unfortunately, even though I got my immunizations, that did not prevent me from contracting a virus and getting terribly sick that essentially lasted the entirety of the vacation. I did not even know I was sick until I

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