The Importance Of Trees In Melinda

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Throughout the novel, trees are symbolic of growth for Melinda. While Melinda struggles not only with being an outcast but having trouble with her assigned subject, she seeks help from Ivy, a new friend. Melinda claims “it was a mistake to sign up for art.” Ivy disagrees, and the girls “sit there trading pencils. [Melinda] draws a trunk, Ivy adds a branch. Melinda “starts to erase [her part]” but Ivy says “It is fine the way it is. It just needs some leaves, Layer the leaves and make them slightly different sizes and it will look great. [Melinda] has a great start. Melinda then says “She is right” (146). By working on her tree drawing together with Ivy, the tree is what strengthens and grows the girls’ bond as friends. Melinda’s confidence

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