The Importance Of Vaccinations

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The safety of vaccinations has been questioned for centuries and since there have been vaccines, there have been protests against them. Whether the nerves are caused by ingredients, side effects, or religious complications; the anti-vaccine world is full of misguided information and stubborn members. People are constantly being informed about fake statistics or unrealistic information because people want their opinion to gain supporters at whatever cost. This has created a web of half truths, miscommunications, and lies. Abigail Melissen was not wrong when she stressed a “legitimate medical condition” was the only reason someone should not get vaccinated and driving the words “educate yourself” to anyone who has a strong opinion relating …show more content…

This is a problem coming from misguided parents who are presented with skewed evidence which supports the anti vaccine movement. The movement often compares completely preventable diseases such as whooping cough or measles, to “a bad cold.” Vaccinations have become so effective there have been entire generations who have never had direct experience with preventable diseases, so people are uneducated simply because they don’t need to be because the will never be exposed. This claim can take away any fear a parent had about not vaccinating their child because they no longer think their child will be harmed even though that is very wrong. Whooping cough, measles, or any other vaccine treated disease is much worse than any cold could be. There is a reason that scientists have put effort into preventing certain diseases; they are extremely dangerous. If someone were to contract one of these diseases they would suffer while being highly contagious to those around the. Not vaccinating a child that is eligible for vaccinations is not only putting them at danger, but also endangering children around them.
While it is easy to argue wethers a personal opinion on vaccinations is “right” or wrong does not take away the fact that the practice of vaccinations is against some religion. It is hard to tell someone that their religion should be broken because of modern technology because religion is a unique and

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