The Importance Of Weapons On College Campus

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Recently, the issue of whether weapons should be allowed on college campuses has become a hot topic. State laws such as the “concealed carry law” and “gun free zones” were reviewed in the process. To fully understand the issue at hand, one must understand these laws. “Gun free zones” are areas that prohibit any unauthorized individual from possessing a firearm in named locations, which include school zones. State laws such as the “concealed carry” laws address the rules and regulations for carrying weapons in public. Currently, there is no federal law covering the issuance of concealed carry permits. Supporters of "gun-free zones" argue that they reduce crime and provide people with a safe place. Opponents of “gun-free zones” argue that they only give the illusion of safety and are targets for those wishing to incite violence since they know the population is unarmed. Given these circumstances, allowing weapons on campus is a controversial topic with several different pros and cons. Gun free zone opponents argue allowing weapons on college campus will reduce criminal activity and ensure that the campus is safe from outside threats. Statistics show crime decreases when states adopt more liberal gun laws. In his book, "More Guns, Less Crime," John Lott argues that "because criminals don't know who has a gun and who doesn't, they are less likely to commit a crime.” (Lott) Lott's argument is backed up by substantial evidence collected in several surveys such as the FBI’s

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