The Importance of Clinical Placements for Students

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Clinical Practices Clinical placements for students are a very important part of their academic life. A clinical placement refers to spending time in a professional practice environment undertaken in a workplace setting by students so that they can acquire the necessary skills, abilities and competencies required to become professional practitioners (Armitage, 2012). It is a highly valued part of a student's academic progression as it enables them to learn about the practical aspects of practicing physiotherapy and allows them to develop a working knowledge of the profession through the experiences gained while being part of the clinical placement program. One of the reasons why practitioners, students and academics hold clinical placements in such high regard is that it provides students with a base to link their theoretical knowledge with the practical aspects of practicing physiotherapy. Students get to apply what they had previously learned in the classroom setting and hone their skills in perfecting physiotherapy techniques. Not only does the clinical setting allow them to grasp the knowledge of the physiotherapy discipline, it also throws them into the pressures of real-life situations where students would need to combine their cognitive, motor and problem-solving skills in order to solve complex situations. Additionally, the clinical placement programs often help students to spend quality time with established professionals in the field of physiotherapy, obtain

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