The Importance of Encouraging Participation in Music Courses Essay

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All music credits should count towards graduation to prevent discouraging students from participating. Schools should heavily encourage their students to be involved in fine arts because they have proven mental benefits, improve attendance and graduation rates, and encourage life skills that continue to be an advantage throughout people’s adult lives.
Schools should encourage their students to participate in music programs because of the mental benefits that they produce. In a study done at the University of Toronto by Dr. Glenn Schellenberg, it was found that children’s IQs can be raised by participating in fine arts. Dr. Schellenberg and his team used one hundred forty-four first graders for their research. For one year, they were given …show more content…

Graduating high school has a substantial impact on a person’s life, providing one with more opportunities. In other words, taking a music class in high school could immensely help a student’s adult life.
Music has undeniable lifetime benefits and taking part in it in high school, one of the most influential times in a person’s life, can have a vast impact. “How about the kid I grabbed in the hallway when he was in the fifth grade, who was about to get into a fight? I made a deal with him that I would not tell on him if he joined band… Turned out he was on his last chance with the juvenile parole board and one more infraction and he was going to a home. I just got an invitation to his wedding …I will be sending Dr. Smith and his future wife a lovely gift. —music teacher anecdote, August 2006” (Music Makes). Music programs in high schools can help students in many different areas. Being involved can teach them to be more creative, stimulating more effective problem solving. Learning a musical instrument teaches focus and hard work, coming from the hours of practicing. Singing or playing in a small group or ensemble teaches team work, which is a beneficial skill, no matter where one ends up in life. A group of congressmen and CEO’s were interviewed and ninety percent said that playing a musical instrument as a child

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