The Importance of Medicare in the Healthcare System

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MEDICARE Healthcare system of any nation forms the backbone of its well-being and progress. A nation that is suffering from high prevalence of illnesses by no means can keep up with the pace of globalization that the world is going through. Healthy people forms healthy societies and healthy societies form healthy nations. Therefore, in order for any nation to thrive and be successful it has to implement the best healthcare system that can adequately address the health problems of its people. Globalization has changed every aspect of human lives. Healthcare industry has been one of the major targets of globalization. One main dilemma is the escalating internationalization of health risks. Regardless of how this terminology is described, this term has several aspects, including economic, technological, political, social, scientific and cultural aspects (Chovan et al 2001). The relations between globalization and health are intricate and globalization is a comprehensive phenomenon that can have an effect on health in numerous ways. As an alternative, those risks to health and health care are centered that are associated to innermost aspects of the globalization process, namely trade, travel and exchange of information. Medicare was formed in 1965 when individuals over 65 found it almost unfeasible to get private health insurance coverage. Medicare has made entrée to health care a common basic right for Americans 65 years or older. This has helped progress the health and
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