The Importance of Rites of Passage to a Humanist, Questions and Answers

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Rites of passage in any religion symbolize that the person going through the rite is coming closer to the God/Deities of that religion. However, I believe that even if you are a non-religious individual, you can still participate in a rite of passage not only into a religious group, but also social groups and tribal societies.

The Importance of Rites of Passage to a Humanist
Humanism is a non-religious philosophy which believe in making ethical decisions about life and we can live life without religious or superstitious beliefs. The rites of passage which humanists celebrate are births, deaths, marriages and naming ceremonies, along with others. I believe rites of passage are important to humanist, because it shows that the individual is going through various stages of their life/education/career. Even though humanists are not religious, rites of passage are still important.

Humanists celebrate births by holding a naming ceremony. Family and friends come together to celebrate the new arrival of a child. Usually, a human celebrant is hired to assist with “putting together” the occasion. A typical includes readings and poems read out by parents, siblings and/or close relatives and promises read out from parents, uncles/aunts, grandparents etc.

Humanists celebrate deaths by holding a non-religious funeral or memorial. Usually in a…

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