The Importance of Speaking a Second Language

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Second languages are vital. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have the ability to speak ten out of the near seven thousand languages that are spoken in the world today? It is certainly evident that it would be pretty astonishing but also undoubtedly complex and mind-boggling. From Afrikaans and French, to German and Swahili, foreign languages are responsible for one thing; enabling easy communication and the ability to interact with others in whatever language you may speak. In today’s society, approximately one fifth of the global population speaks English. So, learning another language is inevitably crucial for education, work and travel. It is also important for making real connections with others, broadening your horizons and can even give you an even more in-depth understanding of your own native language. But what advantages do foreign languages have? When studying any language, you gradually gain greater insights into the wide-spread range of cultures that these languages represent hence gaining a greater knowledge of the way the world works and your place within it. Learning a foreign language gives you immediate access to new literature, new music, new art and an undiscovered spectrum of opportunity waiting to be discovered. Not only are you raising your cultural awareness, you are improving your general knowledge of the country, the natives and their traditions. It has been known for people to relate learning a language with a new way of thinking.

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