The Importance of Volunteerism Essay

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In social science, economists argue that people act in their personal best interest; in contrast, volunteers willingly share their talents and provide services to others with no obligation or any incentive for personal gain. Volunteers have made significant contributions to charitable, educational, and worthwhile causes within a small community to foreign countries with no boundaries. Undeniably, the exchange of thoughts and experiences are extended through the volunteer process. With flexibility in time and summer vacations, university students are a large majority in the volunteer force around the world The involvement in volunteerism and extracurricular activities are not only beneficial to both the individual student and to the…show more content…
Unquestionably QDC had been a mediator to my temporary liberation from the demanding academic work deadlines and hectic exam schedules. In addition to my involvement on campus, I spent my sophomore summer as a volunteer in Kenya. During this trip I had the privilege to meet new friends around the world, exchanged thoughts on social issues with others, and witnessed the exotic African culture. Indeed, involvement in volunteerism and additional activities provide a source of stress relief, expand connections to people with common interest, and enhance the memories of the university student life. A larger sense of community is encouraged from student volunteers and their contribution in their extracurricular activities. My roles as a university student volunteer in the medical field had leaded me into a more caring person with high intention to contribute to the society for a better overall being in the district. At the Kingston General Hospital, I put in efforts to interact with a diverse group of patients from children to seniors by providing meal assistance, company, and care. In addition, I tried to reach out to the minor disability group in the Kingston community by dedicating every Monday mornings at downtown Kingston H’art Studio to assist Down syndrome adults with learning of literacy and coping with changes in their lives. Furthermore, my travelling abroad to Kenya in summer 2008 with a group of university students were planned to assist the process of improving
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