The Importance of a Formal ELT Education in Nicaragua Essays

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The value of a college education had never crossed my mind twenty years ago. It was not until my then girlfriend, now my wife, asked me ¨Are you planning on being a P.E teacher for the rest of your life? ¨ I replied ¨What´s wrong with working under the sun and rain? Isn’t it healthy? ¨ I had neither a degree nor the slightest idea on how to get one. So, I decided to change this situation by enrolling in the National University to study English Language Teaching. A few months later the school where I worked downsized the P.E. department and my option was to transfer to the English department (formal education degree on its way.)The experience was a life-changer because being able to attend college has helped me to learn that formal …show more content…

Also, I learned that seating arrangement helps an activity develop more efficiently. And third, acknowledging how rewardin g the experience of transforming young adults’ lives is without them knowing how they become independent second language learners. I have seen several of my students start my language class skeptical and afraid of speaking in English. Then, in just a semester they have improved not only their English level, but their confidence to the point of performing short plays in English during mother’s day celebration. I must say that the decision of getting a higher education has brought me moments of personal satisfaction.
Professionally, my career choice has opened new opportunities in the English Language Teaching field. I have now changed from being a P.E instructor to a full-time English teacher at a prestigious institution in Nicaragua. The challenges of teaching other English related subjects such as Literature, has brought new academic questions to my door step. For instance, what to do with failing students in one’s class, Should I give tutoring and how much is a constant thought in my mind. Another problem is the one related to homework. I wonder if the amount of homework I have assigned is enough or not. Furthermore, am I monitoring my talking time in class or conducting a teacher centered class. It is important to say that finishing college gives you an advantage over those who have not experienced such an effort because you get to

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