The Importance of the Human Relationship with Animals

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Human beings have always looked for similarities between themselves and other people as to gain common ground. However people also attempt to make connections between themselves and the more primal parts of nature. Animals have been along side people for centuries and them being by our side we’ve assigned them certain traits and meanings as an attempt to connect with them on a deeper level. The Egyptians treated felines as almost gods in their culture because, after domestication, they killed vermin which helped crops grow. That praise evolved into worship, and gave felines new meaning among human beings. In many ways humans change animals to suit their purposes in literature and as to allow us to more finely tune our imagination to the lives of animals. Human beings don’t have any idea what it’s like anymore to be one with their natural surroundings which is why we focus so intently on relating to the lives of animals. The more we try to become kindred with animals, the more definitive the relationship between humans and animals becomes. Our relationship is almost anything we decide it to be on our end of it, but as for the animals they seem to fairly indifferent. We can say whatever we want to say about our own relationships with animals, but they’re not going to ignore their own primal instincts no matter what we say. This is demonstrated through Timothy Treadwell’s experience with the grizzly bears in Alaska. Treadwell truely believed to be a kindred spirit with the
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