Essay on The Importance of the New Deal in the 1920s

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The first look at the New Deal was to seek for an economic improvement of multiple working efforts towards relief aid, and towards recovery. The second look at the New Deal was focused towards many depression hit farmers, industrial workers of all races and trade unionist. In the 1920s there was many issues that were in need of resolution. Issues that were pressing such as effected individuals from The Great Depression. The civilian conservation corps was established in order to provide jobs for men who were seeking work across the nation, the Civilian Conservation Corps provided jobs in national parks that were in need of improvements and road construction as well.
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Many sharecroppers and laborers ventured into cities in search for work. In addition many workers accompanied by their families were unemployed and many moved to California in search for work. Although they found scarce work in California's agriculture fields they soon improved once World War II bargain.

Another program that was developed was the one of a kind public corporation program, the Tennessee Valley Authority. The program created dams and fertilizers, power plants and electricity to communities across the US in a undeveloped regions. Furthermore, Rural Electrification Administration developed and provided electricity to many southern communities without electricity. The dams flushed across the Tennessee river basin. The second new deal, Roosevelt appointed John Collier to make a dramatic change to the Indians, considered the poorest people in the nation. Collier revised the provisions and shifted towards the restoration of tribal lands and surplus lands to tribal ownership this included purchasing additional lands for economic development. Another improvement was an increase of employment within the Bureau of Indian Affairs of Indians Lastly, tribes gained semi-sovereignty.
In Contrast there was a lengthy road towards further improvement for African

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