The Important Of Being Earnest By Oscar Wilde

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Seiryu Hayashizaki
Mr. Todd
Language and Literature
10, January, 2018
Wilde wrote his play during the Victorian era because of the ridiculous manners that occurred during this era. “The Important of Being Earnest” was a satire about Victorian society, which means Wilde was criticizing Victorian society. During this era, the most important factor of living was your social class, such as your family relationships and your wealth. In the play, Jack said: “Between seven and eight thousand a year.” (Wilde, 992). Lady Bracknell said that this income was satisfactory, but when Jack said he had no family, Lady Bracknell gave up on Jack. What she wanted was not only a higher reputation, but a higher social class. Wilde wrote this satire about Victorian
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One of the hints is when Lady Bracknell asked Jack’s income. “Jack: Between seven and eight thousand a year.” (Wilde, 992). Jack answered with a number that is very broad. Between seven and eight thousand is a huge difference. Jack said it like this because he didn’t have confidence about his income, so saying a broad number would be a safe option. Another subtle hint is when Lady Bracknell asked Jack to sit: “Jack: Thank you. Lady Bracknell, I prefer standing.”(Wilde, 992). Rather than sitting Jack chose to stand. This is because he is very nervous about being asked questions. He thinks Lady Bracknell will think of him as someone that lacks manners. From these two quotes, we can see that Wilde characterizes Jack as a person that lacks…show more content…
He is making fun of the extras who use excessive efforts in order to gain attention from the director. They want to get one short line of dialogue to read in the movie. Alford wrote this story in a first person point of view. He was actually one of the extras in the movie “Godzilla”. I think Alford writing this story in a first person point of view makes him seem more sympathetic toward the extras because he is one of them. They are so desperate to get one short line of dialogue from the director. “Zilla monster ate me baby!” (Alford, 1000). Alford tried a Cockney accent which didn't work. He is being sympathetic to extras because he is one of them. He shares the same perspective.
In the story, “Big Kiss”, Alford used a lot of dialogue to express his feelings. This dialogue added humorous factors to the story. However, the inner thoughts of Alford also increased the humor of the satire. “I love this work. I would be hard-pressed to recount any event from my personal or professional life that more accurately typified the phrase crazy fun.” (Alford,999). Even though Alford thinks being an extra is very stupid, he is saying he loves this job, which means Alford is being sarcastic about his
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