The Incredible, Edible Orange Essay

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What came first the chicken or the egg, and did the name for the orange come first or the name for the color? Perhaps the person who got to name everything just got lazy. How much wood could a Woodchuck chuck if a Woodchuck could chuck wood? How much juice could Orange Juice juice if Orange Juice could juice juice? Oranges are tangy cannonballs of goodness and that is sometimes all we see them as, when in reality they have an enormous explosion of health benefits that are often not recognized. Everyone has heard the saying an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but have they ever heard the saying an orange, yes way, will help you live another day? Oranges, along with many other citrus fruit have D-limonene in them (Hezy). …show more content…

The color of carrots, cantaloupe, and oranges has been found to increase oxygen flow to the brain and increase mental activity. It is a very hot color that gives a sensation of heat… This mixture of red and yellow has been said to represent happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, and encouragement (Seybert 4).” Someone does not even need to buy or consume an orange to be receiving the mental benefit from one.
“The brain gobbles up its external environment in bites and chunks through its sensory system: vision, hearing, smell, touch, and taste. Then the digested world is reassembled in the form of trillions of connections between brain cells… The same brain cells can be used many times to recall similar feelings, colors, or smells(Wolfe).” This means that one could smell or feel an orange without seeing it and because of the memory of the orange; they could still receive the visual benefits.
Why do many people eat an orange when they are sick? Do oranges help make people well or is it simply an old wives’ tale? Because of the Vitamin C found in the pulp and the white part of the peel, and the abundance of flavonoid polyphenols, oranges turn the old wives’ tale to a cold, hard, fact (Hezy). The Vitamin C “stimulates the production of white cells in our body” and from this stimulation, the Vitamin C strengthens the immune

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