The Individual's Right to Suicide Essay

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The Individual's Right to Suicide

In this article I hope to demonstrate the individual’s right to suicide. I will argue that a person’s freedom gives them the right to commit suicide, and by refuting religion and defeating the opposing views I hope to validate my conclusion. I also hope to address the reader with enough information as to not leave any room for “gray areas” in the final analysis. In the western world, suicide is taboo. While it would be easy to attribute this to Christianity, it is more accurate to attribute it the human fear and denial of death. The religions of the world create coping factors for dealing with the idea of death. The result is that in cultures where the major faith accepts and/or celebrates …show more content…

The reasoning for this is that the impact of suicide is like the impact of the person dieing in a car crash or, more closely psychologically, murdered. These are both forms of death involving extra-ordinary means, as are all forms of death except natural causes. Suicide is merely another of the many forms of extra-ordinary death that exist. As such, those committing suicide need not feel any guiltier for that act as they would for the harm that would be caused by them being murdered or dieing in a car accident. The opposition may say that this is not a fully adequate response because these extra-ordinary forms of death do not account for all of the death that occurs, and thus there is a chance that a person committing suicide may actually die of natural causes. However, this charge can in fact be defeated. If a person continues living they are taking a chance of causing less pain or even possibly more pain from their deaths at a later date. This leaves life as a gamble, with suicide being the only real choice you can make in the matter. As to the argument for suicide being unnatural and therefore wrong, I feel that I refuted it earlier when I showed that death by any means

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