The Industry Can Cause A Lot Of Trouble For People

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Stigmas of the industry can cause a lot of trouble for people. It is very common for people to be fired from their “normal” jobs if it’s discovered that they’ve worked or work in the industry. People in the industry are looked down on. Janet Mock experienced this when she was robbed and sought help from the police, “He wanted to squash this report and put me in my place as a prostitute unworthy of justice. His indignant tone said what all three officers were thinking: There is no purpose in writing a report for you as you pretend to be a victim. You brought this on yourself” (217). When someone in the industry faces an injustice like Janet Mock did, they find little support because of the harmful notion that they brought it on themselves.…show more content…
Mock also shows this “othering” in her reaction to being looked down on by the police, “ I wanted to show them my worth, to say that I was more than just a teenage prostitute. I was different, special, worthy. I was a college scholar with promise and a 3.8 GPA” (218) Despite the episteme surrounding the sex industry, working in the sex industry is a viable career choice. In her book, Roach identifies three categories of reasoning for working as a stripper: sex-positive capitalism, sex-positive feminism, and sex-positive spirituality (105). Sex-positive capitalism, the reasoning that these jobs are for financial support is the first and biggest. In all of my research money has been the biggest driving factor in why people choose a job in the sex industry. Many of the dancers who Roach interviewed were in the industry for financial reasons. Roach notes that, “many of the dancers are indeed serious about attending their work as a way to finance longer-term educational and career objectives” (106). She even found a club in Canada who promised to pay school tuition for dancers who worked a certain amount a week and kept their grades up (107). Roach makes note of how though she may be in work longer, the average income of an exoctic dancer is much higher compared to hers and even says, “for a women without higher education, exotic dancing is
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