The Inefficiency Of Our War On Drugs Essay

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The Inefficiency of Our War on Drugs in America Every year in America we spend billions of taxpayer dollars to fight the war on drugs. With such a massive budget one would assume that the drug trade would be at the lowest point in history. After all, we are spending more than ever before. Unfortunately the opposite is actually true. The drug trade in America simply continues to rise. The problem is that we are not fighting the war on drugs the right way. We have created laws that do not help the drug users with their addiction, in fact many actually make it more difficult for the drug addicts to start a new life. When a drug user is arrested he or she is often sentenced to prison which in theory would give them time to overcome their addiction. Unfortunately however, while in prison they are surrounded by other drug users, and other more violent criminals. Which influences them to believe that there is nothing wrong with using illegal drugs, many even believe that using drugs is cool. What we need to be doing, is spend a portion of the money that we use to keep them in prison, and divert it to getting proper rehabilitation treatment. If we plan on lowering the drug abuse in America, we will have to dramatically change the way we go about fighting the war on drugs. In 2015 the US Department of Justice requested 8.5 billion dollars to be spent on staffing and maintaining the federal prison system. Of this money only 660 million was to be spent on reentry to society and
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