The Inequality Of Women's Leadership

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The Inequality of Women in Leadership Throughout history, the United States have overcome a number of inequalities and discovered our many freedoms. In the modern age we now live, every individual should have equal rights. Theoretically we do, but technically there are still areas of inequality, specifically in business management. Women are facing difficulties in advancing to leadership positions within most fields, especially in Fortune 500 companies. Female leaders continually face difficulties both when inquiring decision-making positions as well as while in leadership roles. By combining research I’ve come across in leadership, gender roles, stereotyping and management statistics, this paper will consider the barriers, as well as the expectations, women face while on their journey to a successful leadership position. Research done by Martin M. Chemers, a social psychologist with interest in leadership and team effectiveness, suggested a common definition of leadership as "a process of social influence by which an individual enlists the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a task or mission" (Chemers, 1997). Though in 1907 Thomas Carlyle, a Scottish philosopher who is considered one of the most important commentators of his time, hypothesized that great leadership was a result of truly great men. Since Carlyle’s hypothesis, we have learned that leadership is found in the eye of the follower (Chemers, 2000). Derogatory feelings toward women in the…
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