The Inferno : Warning Or Threat?

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Warning Or Threat?

The Inferno, is the first part of the trilogy within the Divine Comedy, by Dante Alighieri. The Inferno incompasses the story of Dante’s journey through Hell to reach the path of righteousness going toward Heaven’s Gate. Across the immeasurable and extensive journey of Dante and Virgil, both together observe the punishments brought upon oneself, as a result of the sins committed by the hopeless residents of Hell. Within the novel, the severity of punishment and the discipline itself whilst in Hell, is a direct correlation to the sins that the souls of Hell are bound to from before their individual descent down the steps of Hell. The symbolism or irony behind each of the different punishments are all fitting of the actual sin, as the people that reside within Hell got what they deserved for sinning, and now being punished for eternity to atone for those sins. As stated by Dante, from the words of Virgil, Hell has two completely different sections: Upper Hell of Incontinence, going from Vestibule through Circles 1-5, and Lower Hell of Violence and Fraud, stretching from Circle 6-9 and into the depths of Hell where Lucifer is kept. As said before the sections of Hell are split by levels corresponding to the degree of sin, as the level of sin increases gradually, parallel to the Circles of Hell reaching the end, within Circles 7,8, and 9 have an akin historical or mythological figure used to illustrate and exemplify the degree of sin. Most figures are
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