Mongols Influence On China

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The Influence of Foreign Oppression During the 13th century, tragedy struck the Chinese people as thousands suffered and died due to the harsh tyranny of their invader. The Mongols, the nomadic people of Northern Asia, invaded China in a series of attacks centered on overthrowing Chinese dynasty. Thousands of innocent Chinese lives, including women and children, died at the feet of the Mongols. During the Mongol Conquest of China, the Chinese inhabitants were greatly persecuted and suffered inhuman treatment of psychological and physical abuse similar to that of Middle Eastern Refugees escaping the cruel tyranny of terroristic groups. Along the northern border connecting Mongolia and China, small series of terrestrial raids on the …show more content…

One person in particular was especially flustered by this Chinese epidemic and sought to oppress the Chinese people. Genghis Khan, a strategic war general and merciless killer, who helped overthrow the Jin Dynasty and conquer all of China with an army encompassing only a few thousand men, led the Mongols. The expansion of the Mongol Empire grew to such an extent that it holds the record for the largest empire to ever exist. The Mongols sought colonization and supreme control over the Chinese people. Throughout this period, warriors and noblemen strived to achieve greatness through conquest and superiority over their rivals. The oppression bestowed on the Chinese began out of necessity based on the Mongolian warrior type culture. The Mongol people perceived their value based on their victorious efforts on the battlefield. The Chinese’s infrastructure crumbled and fear reeked in the hearts of the Chinese people. Genghis Khan help find the Yuan Dynasty which prospered under the rule of Kublai Khan. If the Chinese people did not relinquish their Chinese nobility and succumb to Mongol rule, they would be killed. Genghis Khan and the Mongols’ rule were ruthless and cruel and the Chinese people were forced to capitulate to their superiors. “The Yuan Dynasty was eventually destroyed by the peasants ' uprising. In 1351, the 'Hongjinjun (army with red head-scarves) Uprising ', led by a man named Liu Futong, broke out in Yingzhou (in current Anhui

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