The Influence Of Phenylketonuria On The Environment

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A person’s DNA or genes play a major role in genetic disposition, but the environment also plays a role. There are several environmental factors that can lead to birth defects. A mother’s uterus is the environment of a fetus; therefore, if there is something that impacts the mother it could have an impact and affect fetal development. These factors can come from the mother’s surroundings are environment. If the mother contracts an infection or disease, any of these can cause abnormal development of the fetus.
An example on environmental modification from a genetically controlled effect is Phenylketonuria also known as PKU. This is caused when mutations to a gene that encodes a liver enzyme phenylalanine hydroxylase and is in all protein. Since …show more content…

The phenylalanine tolerance test is administrated to an infant, the concentration of phenylalanine is measured in the plasma of the blood ( ). There are usually higher in people who carry one PKU gene than those that do not. Individuals with PKU experience many personality and learning development complications.
The high-level phenylalanine causes brain damage in the developing brain, which is very sensitive at this stage. PKU can cause mental retardation. An individual with PKU has deficits in their memory, decision-making and problem-solving skills. Other complications include physical growth problems, abnormal shaped heads and other complications ( …show more content…

Several assessments of personality tend to focus more on the individual. Many of the personality psychologists use the ideas of personality that will apply to everyone. Personality research has lead to the development of many theories. A few of these theories include Eric Erickson with ‘Ego Psychology’, developing the eight stages of ‘Ego strength’, Sigmund Freud with ‘Psychoanalytical ideology’ developing defense mechanisms’ ( ).These theories along with others explain the why and how many personality traits are developed.
There are many potential factors that involve the shaping of an individual’s personality. Environment, genetics, and culture has an influence on an individual’s personality. Also, a person values, beliefs, and expectations have a part in a person’s personality development. Social and biological maturation can play different roles in personality and learning development as well.
Personality and learning development will continue from childhood into adulthood. Understanding personality and the different theories associated with it is important. The knowledge obtained from research of personality can have importance not just in counseling but other areas in life. Whether this is in the health aspect, business, and other

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