The Influence Of Rape Culture On College Campuses

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We have continued to accept rape culture as normal in our lives because we grew accustomed to the sexual violence that we were exposed to on a daily basis. We need to stop allowing rape jokes to be passed off as harmless, the over sexualization of young girls, victim-blaming, and put an end to the double standard surrounding rape. We’ve continually white-washed rapists’ actions towards victims and taken no action against their crimes. There are thousands of cases that have been slipped under the rug in order to protect the rapist from social stigma. I believe that rape culture is a product of our ignorance as a society. We have chosen to ignore the importance of this growing problem. It’s so common to hear about young girls getting raped on college campuses or at high school parties. We often turn the other way because that is how it has always been. The portayal of victims in the media has continued to be the same, she has either been drinking too much, wanted to have…show more content…
Every generation before and after mine will have been exposed to some type of aspect surrounding rape culture. We should be reversing the mindset of learning to prevent rape and find a solution to cease rape all together.There have been countless inventions to prevent rape such as nail polish to see if a drink has been roofied, and even ordinary items (i.e. lipstick) are being manufactured as concealed weapons to be carried in case of emergency. Even schools are enforcing dress codes that further perpetrate rape culture by telling girls that dressing provocatively will incite the uncontrollable sexual desires of others. That’s the most mind-blowing aspect of rape culture that occurred to me, that there’s so many prevention tips plastered online as well as taught in schools but it hasn’t dawned upon us to understand that rape is not the outcome of dressing seductively or drinking too much
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