The Influence Of The Federal Bureaucracy

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In accordance with the growth of the nation, the federal bureaucracy has followed suit. The federal bureaucracy is an organization formed to accomplish implementation, regulation, and administration with efficiency. Scaling such an operation to the needs of a growing nation requires copious amounts of time and effort; two requirements that are difficult to give to the organization, so to compensate, it grows irregularly and with less efficiency. Bred from this irregularity, the government added agencies apart from the executive agencies to help the bureaucracy run smoothly. These agencies served to capture the duties which executive agencies could not, named independent agencies because of the relationship of control by the government. Due to their use in filling bureaucratic voids, independent agencies provide a service which seems necessary to the structure of government. Originally, independent agencies expanded in popularity and necessity during the New Deal period, under the direction and guidance of president Franklin Roosevelt. During this time period, currently functioning independent organizations …show more content…

Theoretically, since independent agencies run outside the domain of the executive department, the outcome that follows common logic would be that the legislature, which controls the laws, would have more power over the agencies. Specifically, independent agencies are subject to the influence of oversight committees in Congress, even “without systematic, continuous or publicly held hearings.” Should independent agencies fall subject to the jurisdiction of Congress based on their statements of independence? This issue remains highly debated due to the two views of independent agencies, those who hold them subject to checks and balances, and those who believe in the benefits of

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