The Influence and Accomplishments of Thomas Aquinas and G.W. Leibnizs

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The two philosophers I will be discussing in this paper are Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274) and G.W. Leibniz (1646-1716). Thomas Aquinas was born outside of Rome in what is now Italy. He was heavily influenced by Aristotle and developed his own. Talk about accomplishments..

Thomas Aquinas theorizes that creation is not complete even once some “thing” has been created completely. He argues that creation is an ongoing process and depends on God for every moment it continues. He elaborates on this by describing God as creation itself, and not necessarily as a formed entity. If we can see God in this way then we possess the undeniable proof that we as mankind were created by God, making us, humanity, the irrefutable objective evidence that God exists. Aquinas continues to say creation will continue for as long as God exists, that amount of time being eternity, so we can also assume that creation will also forever be in motion. Among the many of the human qualities bestowed by people on to God, Aquinas proclaims that God is good. God encompasses all that which is good and just in all of creation throughout this universe. For us this means that believing good exists, having a sense of morality, and living with compassion dictates qualifies that God must exist. Aquinas does not believe that God is a simple entity with only a few parts. He goes on to explain the importance of this idea by explaining that if God were simple, it would mean God could be undone by something lesser than

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