The Influences of the Main Characters in The Scarlet Letter by Nathanial Hawthorne

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Do we, as readers, ever fully understand the extent of Dimmsdale’s character provided to us by Nathaniel Hawthorne? In the novel, The Scarlet Letter, the on-the-surface themes of sin and suffering are very clear, but the development of the different characters and their own personal challenges plays a big factor (and maybe even the biggest factor) to the moral of the story rather than what is shown in plain sight. There are three main characters that reflect the different themes and help progress the plot. Hester Prynne is the reason for the conflict within the text, being the woman cast off from society because of an adulterous relationship that bore her a child. She is sometimes argued to be the “heroine”, but is more frequently seen as a symbol of independence and comfortableness outside of the social norm. She is the only character with the ability to recognize, acknowledge, and move forward with her sin, which is important to understand as the complexity of the other main characters are examined. Roger Chillingsworth is hardly a character to speculate in regards to good nature because he completely lacks in that area. “The Leach”, so he is called, is determined to get revenge because of his wounded pride and his already present evil nature, making his sin the blackest of them all. Being Hester Prynne’s husband before he left, he comes back bearing a different name and learns of the mischief that had been taking place while he was…
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