The Injuries Of The Wounded Worrier Program

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During this time of war, military personal faced with deployments and unfortunate events that lead them to physical and meatal disabilities. Many of military personal come back home with wounds that leave mental scarfs and then have to confront society alone. This often leads them to deal with more distressful situations, and in many cases leads to unfortunate outcomes. The wounded worrier program works with these individuals to help them back into society with an easy transition. Some of the problems that they have to deal are PTSD, stress, depression, physical limitations that can lead to even suicidal tendencies. The wounded worrier program has many programs that can help military personal to work with these difficulties. One of them is the physical health and wellness that is designed “to reduced stress, combat depression and promote an overall healthy and active life style.” (Wounded Warrior Program 2014) The program works with these warriors in trying to get them involved with sports that “…allow [the] warriors living with cognitive, emotional, and/or physical impairments to engage in local community-based activities to help overcome both visible and invisible injuries.” (Wounded Warrior Program 2014) The program also works with them by following a list, to keep them focus and motivated with the fitness activity they pick. In addition helping them having an easily assessable and reachable goal. A proper evaluation to the program should be conducted to see the

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