The Inquisition: Heretical Teachings Among The Catholic Church

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The Inquisition was created to deal with heretical teachings among the Catholic Church.

This began due to “Blaspheming against the Virgin Mary, Viadel offended the sanctity of the Virgin herself and the sanctity of the Catholic Church and its teachings concerning the Mother of God” (Beck).

Then “The Inquisition turned its attention to the censorship of heretical publications and enforcing “correct” beliefs among Christians” (The Inquisition).

The Church now faced issues of blasphemy alongside false teaching and felt the need to correct these heretical issues in order to have an organised Christian country.

“What prompted Pope Innocent III to this action was the spread of a heretical religion among the civil population of northern Italy and southern France” (The Inquisition).
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The Church was threatened by heretical teachings and decided that they needed to find an effective way to deal with the
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