The Ins and Outs of Sex Education+ Essay

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The Ins and Outs of Sex Education
Sex, it is seemly the main focus in American society. In fact, 95% of Americans have sex before marriage, (Lawrence 3). It is all over television, in books, and frankly, all over the internet. Whether it is wanted it or not, it is only natural that American youth are so curious about sex. So why are school systems leaving students in the dark about what they hear about or see every single day? Is it not the job of school corporations to educate the children? Schools need to implement sex education courses to give medically accurate information, educate them about smart sexual decisions, and to prevent these young adults from engaging in sexual activity as early. All around the country sex education is …show more content…

Almost twice as many conservative Christians support abstinence only sex education versus the other Americans. Eighty one percent of these Christians think that sex before marriage is wrong. Seeing as not everyone is a Christian, an educational program supporting only this “moral standard” is not logical in today’s society. No matter what information is distorted, teens will still have sex. “By the exact age of 20 years, 77% of individuals had had, sex and 75% had had sex before marriage,” (Lawrence 3). That fact proves that these teens could have been misled about the true facts of sex. They need straight facts about their bodies and how to have safer sex. Even with abstinence pledges, teens are still having sex. “Researchers found that over sixty percent had broken their vow to remain abstinent until marriage,” (Alford 4). The teens that pledged were less likely to get tested for sexually transmitted infections or to use a form of contraception than the non-pledgers. While the pledgers abstained for longer, they were more likely to engage in oral or anal sex (Alford 4). These teens were taking risks not obtaining contraception and engaging in anal or oral sex. While these forms of sex can help protect against pregnancy, they will not protect against any sexually transmitted diseases. Also abstinence, like other birth control methods, is only effective if it is used correctly and consistently. If a teen

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