The Integration Of Italians Into American Culture

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Italian-American culture has been immortalized in movies, literature, and songs. One of the movies that shows the integration of Italians into American culture comes from the 20th century and was well acclaimed for its acting and cinematography. The 1955 film Marty accurately portrays Italian-American lifestyles and stigmas, specifically males, in that time period and demonstrates how the Italian people assimilated into American culture.
Getting married was one of the most important things that an Italian man can do. At 35 years old, Marty has yet to marry or have children, and is living with his mother in his childhood home. In this time period, it was critical to marry someone who was also Italian. This custom was practiced more before the time period of Marty but it was still an important factor to consider when picking a bride. The viewer sees how important this is to Marty’s mother, as she asks questions of Clara before church.
Mrs. Pilletti: “She 's more than twenty-nine years old, Marty. That 's what she tells you...She looked thirty-five, forty years old. She do not look like an Italian girl...What family she comes from? I do not know. Something about her I-I do not like...The first time you meet the girl, she comes to your empty house alone. These college girls. They 're only one step from the street.”
Marty:” What are ya talkin ' about? She 's a nice girl.”
Mrs. Pilletti: “She do not look Italian to me. I do not like her...Do not bring her up to the house no…

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