The Integration Of Robotics And Artificial Intelligence

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The industrial revolution period through the recent technological revolution brought immeasurable changes in how society approaches tasks and jobs. The transformations brought by automation and technology integration in the workplace elicits different views and exaggeration on the future of human labor. The job market is getting more concerned about the future that on a greater extent depends on the creative and innovative minds of the vibrant technology experts (Kelly). Most of current manual jobs, especially in the assembly category get a massive replacement of machinery like robots that receive continuous upgrading to improve flexibility and ease of task handling. The critical element of thinking demonstrated by humans gets adopted in robotics and automation by the developments intensified in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The fear of robots taking over human tasks should get dismissed because the adoption of new technology elevates innovation levels that create alternative jobs in various sectors of the economy hence employment (Kelly). The integration of robotics and artificial intelligence in the human tasks benefits society to a great extent by simplifying tasks, handling previously dirty tasks, and creating new jobs. The use of robots will initially displace human labor, but at the expense of a simplistic solution to task handling. The assembly line workers will be partially replaced by robots if they lack the basic training required to manage and supervise

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