The Integration Of Technology Has Changed Our Lives Essay

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The integration of technology has been so profound in the last ten years that it has forced individuals of different ages to adapt. This evolution of people and technology has occurred simultaneously. Many have been reluctant to the change. However, technology has made our lives easier, at times for the good and others for the bad. The same concept of people and technology can be applied to nursing informatics. According to Nursing Informatics Deep Dive “Nursing informatics (NI) is a specialty that integrates nursing science, computer science, and information science to manage and communicate data, information knowledge and wisdom in nursing practice” (QSEN, 2012). Similar to technology, many do not see the importance of informatics and how it is relevant to patient care. Health informatics improves expert decision-making, nursing collaborations with other disciplines, quality of care, and reduces clinical errors. Therefore, it is important for nursing students graduating with baccalaureate degrees to gain informatics knowledge through various activities and projects. Back in the stone ages, nurses, doctors and other disciplines had a hard time communicating with each other. The lack of communication was due to their documentation being charted on paper, which delayed decision-making on a patient’s plan of care. This is no longer the case. Nursing informatics has created systems in which different disciplines can input a patient’s information at the moment of assessment.

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