Essay about The Integration of English Throughout the World

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The English language is today the most dominant language in business, education and influence. With this in mind, does it not make sense that people who comprehend English fully are wanted in business and service today? Even in little Norway, English is fully integrated into the education, daily life and business of the average person. Norwegian employers therefore have a need for employees that are able to speak and use English as a tool for communication. Granted the desire for greater English comprehension increases, it is only natural for there to be a change in what role English plays in our life. But is English really that useful? English is all around you. Despite the fact that you might not live in a country where English is the …show more content…

It is however limited how much time one can devote to English weekly, and as such, the more important chunks of language learning are included, while the lesser important ones, the ones that make the difference between being great and being exceptional, are more often excluded. Oftentimes, the English learnt in schools is oriented towards a work life, with terms and expressions relevant to the occupation of choice. The world uses English to communicate as a general rule; and the world is not small anymore. In these times of globalization, communication between Norway and other countries is literally as easy as the click of a mouse and the tapping of a few keyboard keys, or dialing a number. But in work life, you communicate because you have something you want to accomplish. The intent of communicating varies wildly, but there always is one. As an example, how will you ever get to sell your cars if no one can understand that it is cars you want to sell? Knowing English is a do or die situation in work life, and it truly makes a world of difference. To make average English comprehension better, one should take an interest in English. They should use English services daily, and if possible, speak English on the regular. They should also watch English media if at all possible, and make sure they look up a word in a dictionary or online if they do not understand it, and cannot tell what the word means from the context it was used

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