The Interesting Narrative and Other Writings by Equiano

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Equiano Written by Equiano himself, The Interesting Narrative and Other Writings was published in 1789. It is written from a first person point of view. It includes a number of letters written to express himself as a person. Equiano was born in 1745 in a province of Africa, called Eboe. The book discussed, in detail, his cultural background as well as his family. His father was a very important man within their village. In the book it also discusses the bond that he had with his mother and his only sister, expressing how very strong his bond with his sister was. At age eleven, Equiano was abducted from his home village. He was thrown into slavery, via slave trade, and was bought by Lieutenant Michael Pascal, of the Royal Navy. In the book it was said that Pascal had initially purchased Equiano for a friend, but decided to keep him for himself. While living under Pascal’s slavery, Equiano gained knowledge from the New World and was used to aid Pascal’s naval adventures during the Seven Year’s War. While in the New World he learned things such as: language and religion, and reading and writing, which aided him in Pascal’s orders. The book explained that Equiano thought of freedom, away from Michael Pascal, but when Pascal had become aware of Equiano’s ambition, Pascal sold him to another slave, so not to deal with a slave that had thoughts of freedom. He was sold to Captain Doran of the Charming Sally, but he didn’t stay under his care very long before being sold to a
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