The Interior Castle : Gruesome Detail With Physical Pain

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2. “The Interior Castle” – gruesome detail with physical pain
a. uses metaphors to describe pain
i. “the role of language in linking the mind to physical and metaphysical reality” ii. preoccupation of her priceless mind
1. for Pansy, the physical pain inflicted by the doctor never possesses her real self
2. never stains her true source of beauty, her brain
3. although in a time when appearance was important for women, Pansy exclusively concerned about her interior; women would mold themselves to be reconstructed primarily for the benefit of the man
a. her nose surgeon mourns the damage done to her beauty, but Pansy is secretly obsessed with the fear of damage to her brain – she wishes to be isolated in her head – she lost her means of escape
4. “What Pansy thought of all the time was her own brain … “ (183) - concrete images examples (page 2)
a. mind is a sacred place iii. “It was only convention, she thought, that made one say “sacred heart” and not “sacred brain”” (183)
b. separate world within Pansy’s head
i. Pansy’s attempted escape from pain ii. One true reason for living: her brain iii. Dr. Nicholas, in the form of pain, push into her world with the demands of surgery and pain
c. People create for themselves “interior castles” that allow them to retreat from the hurts dealt by society
i. Where she feels soothed and comforted
d. Pansy’s consciousness is portrayed as uncertain but only shaped through her experience of extreme pain
3. Relate pain to overall…
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