The Internet Of Things ( Iot And The Internet

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A current trend in cyber security, known as the internet of things (IoT), covers the boundaries of the net to include an extensive range of computing devices. Linking a wide array of IoT devices to the Internet presents many challenges. Due to the gathered data being exposed to a widespread amount of internet users, the main challenge is security. Most IoT devices on the market are low-tier and have limited functionality, because of this, many standard security strategies cannot be implemented to secure IoT systems. This leaves a door wide open for exploits and attacks both towards services of IoT and the whole internet itself. Most of these security issues can be resolved by following a unified IoT framework that runs on all IoT devices.…show more content…
Privacy concerns over the Internet of Things has given way to a severe security issue that has drawn the attention of distinguished tech corporations and government agencies worldwide. The hacking of pace makers, smart refrigerators, baby monitors, connected thermostats, mobile device cameras and car radios are foreshadowing a security nightmare caused by the rapid spread of IoT. The large amount of new connected devices being introduced to the global internet and local will make way for malicious attackers with a ridiculous amount of choices and opportunities to perform their work, mainly because a large number of them have security vulnerabilities. The more essential shift in protection will come from the reality that IoT will definitely become ingrained in our lives. The issue will no longer be confined to the safety of sensitive data and property. Our health and even our lives can emerge as the target of an IoT attack. There are a large number of reasons for our current state of uncertainty in IoT. A lot of it has to do with large and small corporations being too money hungry, wherein each company is rapidly searching for the next big revolutionary connected device before competition does. Unfortunately, this way of thinking results in functionality becoming the main concern and the devices security is put on the back burner.
The highest contributing factor to the danger of possible future attacks is the fact

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