The Internet : The Negative Effects Of The Internet

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The Internet has become one of the most advancing inventions in the world. Because of these changes, humans have acquired a dependency on the activities, online relationships, and personal benefits the internet rewards them. Internet addiction is impacting lives in very negative ways because its causing the internet to become a humans main and only priority in the world. The Invention of the internet was once a simple mechanism, however over the years has evolved into a devise most use for everything. This technology started as something that nobody really had any use for and then transformed into something no one would be able to live without. It was first developed in computer science laboratories to be used for defensive reasons. Today, it’s used to accomplish everyday activities. This advancing invention is used for everything we do in this world. Transportation, communication, and information are all commonly acquired from the internet. Its normal for people to reach for the internet instead of using what we were born with. Internet has grown and evolved to impact how people connect and experience everyday life. Over the years, its growth has influenced the lives of many in huge ways. The internet itself is changing as much as its changing human’s lives. To this day, the internet has changed how much effort is needed in everyday life. Teens in high school are addicted to social media that their grades are dropping. In Krakowskys newspaper article, she explains the

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