The Invasion Of Normandy Beach

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Murder, horror, victory, and glory! These are felicitous words, when describing the storming of Normandy Beach. As we inspect the course of history, it is self-evident that the United States of America has won countless encounters. However, one clash trumps them all: the invasion of Normandy Beach. While there is no official count on the amount of casualties either side suffered, the Allies had an estimated 209,000 Allied casualties, with as many as 425,000 total soldier casualties of the Allied and German troops. A casualty in this case refers to a soldier whose outcome falls into one of these categories: dead, wounded, missing in action (M.I.A.), or a prisoner of war. The effects that this clash had individually in WWII were of …show more content…

A considerable factor in the astonishment that is the Battle of Normandy, is the distinct advantages both sides possessed heading into this bout. Germany and its technological advancement, is a clear reason for their sudden expansion, and the annihilation of other countries. Correspondingly, they had a weapon so fast, it was impossible to hear individual shots fired from the gun at once. The MG42, better known as “Hitler’s Zipper”, was the death machine responsible for sending hundreds of men to meet their maker that day. This weapon was the most rapid firing gun the world had ever seen. Uniquely capable of releasing up to 25 bullets per second. Bullets that travelled at a shocking 2,000 miles per hour. Germany had set up five MG42 posts along the beach. For this reason the location of the battle was also in Germany’s favor. Carter 3 As a matter of fact the composition of Normandy Beach practically makes an invasion impossible without taking heavy damage. In fact, the shores are separated from the grasslands by 1,000 ft. In comparison, that’s more than three football fields. This allowed the Nazis to set up shop, at a comfortable distance. As well as, minimize the Allies’ chances of making it past the infinite amount of sand. For the first 600 feet the storming soldiers had to work their way around deadly obstacles and sharp stakes. After that, for the next 200

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