The Invention Of The 1920s: The Emergence Of Photography

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The Impact of Photography
Throughout history newspapers have been dominant. They have informed citizens about events taking place throughout the world and allowed us to see the world in many different ways. The emergence of photography in the 1920s sparked the invention of photojournalism. This created; credibility, new celebrities, and additional corporate competition. When newspapers were first introduced, they were black and white and crowded with information. As time went on, newspapers added different content and appealed to a large variety of readers. It was in 1880 when an American newspaper decided to do something different. “ A photomechanical reproduction of a photograph appeared in the Daily Graphic on March 4, 1880. Before that time it was common practice for American editors to enlist artists to sketch and report on news events.” (Library of Congress) The invention of photomechanical reproduction by George Eastman created a sense of realism and connection. When reading an article accompanied by a photo, the audience was able to connect to the news and place themselves within it; however, it was the arrival of the Kodak camera that officially made
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The lightweight camera made it easier to transport and images were taken secretly and confidently. It started the era of the “Candid shot” (Collins). Images begun to look more real and less staged. Photojournalism was much easier, the picture was able to tell the story. Some photographers did not like the loss of freedom and went out on their own. They produced a series of photos that followed the same theme and told a story. This is known as a form of photojournalism and is still used today. Some journalists took on the role of a photographer and decided to write their own story and shoot their own images. There were many forms of photojournalism and one of the most important was the magazine called
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