The Invention of the Steamboat by Inventor,Robert Fulton

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Imagine an invention that could take people to where they wanted to go, created larger trade markets, and created very successful businesses. Robert Fulton was the inventor of the steamboat in America. He knew there was another way of travel and trade, a more efficient and quicker way. Robert Fulton first started out as a young artist, but he realized that was not what he was meant to do.
Canals really interested Fulton since a young age. His passion of creating something like the steamboat started when he lived in England. People always told him it wasn’t possible, but on August 17, 1807 Robert Fulton launched his first successful steamboat, the “Clermont.” This boat made the 150 mile journey from New York City to Albany in 32 hours. There was a great need for this invention. America needed a way for people to move from one place to another, to transport goods upstream, and activate trade along the Mississippi River.
Fulton’s invention of the steamboat had a significant impact on American transportation by, expanding towns, creating new industries, and creating new jobs. There was a need for this invention because of communication, trade, and travel. Ever since the steamboat communication could be sent more than one way out. Most boats around that time could only travel downstream, but the “Clermont” didn’t do the same. Since the boat could go upstream and downstream communication was broadened. The trade in America was always very good, and the steamboat

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