The Invisible, By Arloa Sutter

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Arloa Sutter’s book, The Invisible (Sutter, A. (2010). The Invisible. Indianapolis, IN: Wesleyan Publishing House). This book is about how as Christians it is our job to go and help the poor. Sutter tells about her own personal journey of how she go to where she is now. She tells tales of some of the people who have been in the homeless shelter. These stories are touching and at times, really emotional. Sutter calls us to go and help the homeless. She gives us tips on getting closer to God and listening to his voice. She calls us to be more like Jesus, Sutter uses a lot of scripture to back up her points in how we can be like Him.
Most of Arloa Sutter’s book, The Invisible, centers on how Christ calls us to help the poor and weary. I agree with her opinions on how we are called to help the poor and weary. However, I do think that this is only some peoples calling. I do think that helping serve the poor and work with the homeless is something that we should do as Christians. However, because she is from Chicago she seems to focus on the fact that most people are black. I think that whites have just as much chance as being homeless as blacks. Just because most people in Chicago who are homeless happen to be black does not mean that is how it is in the rest of the country. In my experience in Grand Rapids there are about the same amount, maybe even more whites than black. One part of the book that I really like is when Sutter is talking about scripture. She

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