The Ionic Poet : Homer And The Greek Poet

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Homer was a Greek poet that was born between the 12th and 8th centuries (BC), and is famous for his poems which had a major effect on western culture, however very little is known about the author himself. Homer is a very big mystery--there are even conspiracies that the author could have been a group of people working on the book--and many people know little to nothing about his life. The group idea stated that, because it was a tradition to pass on stories orally, they were passed on to Homer, and he wrote them down from his memory. There could have also been a group of people that worked on it, contributed to the story, and even edited it. The origins of all of the stories are said to be that they were orally recited, and translated to Homeric Greek, a language showing Ionic and Aeolic dialects from different countries. All of the speculations about Homer led to the Homeric Question, which asks whether Homer really existed at all. Many say that Homer could have been born around 750 BC, all the way back to 1200 BC, because his poems entail events like the Trojan war, and scholars “thought it fit to put the poet and chronicler nearer to the time of that actual event” ( Others thought his style belonged to a different group of people, born in a different time and place. Part of the problem people did not know Homer’s birth date was because there was no chronological calendar around that time. As well as his birthdate not being able to be figured out, people
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